Pedros has a rich and flavoured story when it comes to the art of food retail.

We’re a company of blends.

We’ve brought together all the tastes, skills, and experience needed to successfully launch and grow the brand into a tantalising offering built on systems and procedures designed to keep producing a quality product that is primed to disrupt the food retail market.

Driven by a talented and seasoned team of more than 130 players, Pedros brings you all the innovation and freshness of an up-and-comer, and the tested operations and financial sense of an established business.

Pedros isn’t afraid to be bold in its approach, but we still hold traditional, ethical models at our core.

Whether you’re engaging with us as customer or a potential franchisee, we guarantee that you’ll “Taste the Difference” when it comes to all things Pedros.

What we don’t compromise on are our founding values:

  • Quality Product - Always offering people from allworks of life a wholesome, tastymeal that gets them coming backfor more.
  • Quality Experience - Always offering people anadventure of flavour andservice when they interactwith us.
  • Value for Money - Always offering a productthat balances quality andexperience with affordabilityand care.

With Love